JOY J. ROTBLATT

JOY ROTBLATT has been a prolific artist since her graduation from the Otis College of Art and Design in 1983. She has amassed an impressive exhibition record throughout the Southern California area and has been recognized in solo and group shows. She was awarded a bronze medal in painting by Art of California Magazine, and a silver medal in painting by the Brand Library and was included in the publication of their Silver Anniversary Catalogue as well as being included in several additional publications and catalogues. She has also earned two scholarships for Artists in Residence programs at the Santa Fe Art Institute. The most recent one enabled her to study for a month with Anne Truitt, renowned sculptor and painter.

She has been featured in two publications of Studio Visit Magazine as well as in the Los Angeles Art Association Catalogue. She is an active member of the Los Angeles art community and has both sold and donated her paintings in selected charity auctions, including "Out," SPCA, “Angel Food Projects,” and Gallery 825. She was also included in the 2007 Venice Art Walk. Her paintings may be seen in the Slide Registry at the Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park and through selected exhibitions with LAX WAX Art in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

It was at the Santa Fe Art Institute that Joy first discovered encaustic painting. Encaustics is an ancient method first used by the Greeks, consisting of wax and pigment applied in liquid 
form and allowed to harden. Each layer is fused to the one beneath. Once hardened the wax may be scratched into, creating layers or lines, built up to create textured surfaces, or worked until extremely smooth. This medium is particularly suited to Rotblatt's artistry.

“All the unconventional materials I use create a layered surface which is vital to me. Layering is symbolic of life, lived through prior experiences, with the past showing through like a pentimento."

Additional work can be viewed on her website at, and she may be contacted by e-mail at