Welcome to my online art gallery. Here you can view a selection of my work as it has evolved over the years.
The abstract work began appearing about twelve years ago. It is both a counterpoint to and a continuation of my ongoing search as an artist. These concerns have always been the dichotomies of a life lived and the layers of the past as evidenced through memory. These issues continue to be expressed in the work, along with a relatively new focus, one of silence. This came about, I believe, through meditation, which I have been practicing for about fifteen years.
I eliminated the narrative and figurative elements which were present in prior work, and was able to narrow my focus to the subtleties of the brush stroke and the surface, which have always been of primary importance to me. The all white minimal pieces as well as the series I call the "Wall Series," have especially subtle nuances and should be seen personally. The photographic medium is only able to hint at their meticulous differences.
While I still utilize the layered surface and non-traditional materials, the work no longer has figurative references and seems to be opening up and moving into even more spiritual and meditative areas.
For the past several years, I have been learning and exploring a new medium: encaustic. The process of encaustic involves painting with heated beeswax and pigment. This has opened up additional opportunities for layering, seeing beneath the surface and creating a more seductive, sensual surface -- enabling me to deepen my artistic exploration.